Launching Stories of Change: our impact report

Today we launch our 2022 Impact Report which gives a flavour of our work over the last 12 months. Called Stories of Change, the report looks back at the experiences of some of our clients and staff as the organisation coped with and then emerged from the Covid pandemic with its challenges, restrictions and lockdowns.

The report reviewed our work from three perspectives, the point of view of our clients, the system and ourselves.

We highlight five client stories from different parts of the organisation each showing the role hope and courage plays in their story of change. The online report includes short video clips of all five telling their story in their own words.

Our Chief Executive, Aileen Edwards, said:

“This has been a hugely challenging time for us all. As we emerged from the pandemic, we worked hard to learn lessons from the changes we were all forced to make. This learning is now helping us with the next crisis this time around the cost-of-living.

We hope you find the stories we share here to be both inspiring and hopeful at a time when hope and inspiration are something we’re all looking for in our lives.”

For the system, we focus on three partnerships – our work as the lead partner of Golden Key, our new partnership as part of Changing Futures and the work we’re doing in Somerset with other voluntary sector organisations and the NHS which together make up Open Mental Health.

Finally, we look at the changes we made as an organisation over the last year, focusing on addressing racism and developing our trauma-informed psychological approach with clients and with each other.

We also noted the importance of our continued learning as we put together our strategic plan for the next three years. Do take a few minutes to read more here and watch our short video clips too.

If you’d like a hard copy version of the report, please contact our Communications Manager on

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