For years I’d been creatively blocked. During my recovery from a traumatic homophobic attack, I began to reconnect to my creativity and my identity as a Queer Non Binary person. Then I found The Poem Brut course, I jumped at the chance to try something new.


It was challenging at first; to start with listening then discussing poets / artists work before making. Gradually I found it fascinating to hear the group reflections, where our perspectives matched & differed, it was a privilege to see through everyone’s eyes.


The course felt so refreshing, it was exciting to play with words, textures and images. This creative process enabled me to express stuck words and deeper connected feelings. Sometimes my experience feels too hard or too raw to vocalise with words, but through visual poetry I was able to release that. I regained part of my voice, which empowered me to tell these stories.

KJ's work is below. Just click on an image to enlarge.