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Jacky was diagnosed with diabetes T2 in 2018 and reversed it (and other inflammatory conditions) by discovering low carb diets, in particular keto.  She also lost 32lbs.  Fascinated by how it worked, she became interested in the biology of it, as it was contrary to the current dietary guidelines, and studied information from experts in the field and research.  She also became aware of how the big multinational food companies manipulate the conventional dietary advice that most people follow.  It was following the Eatwell Plate that she became diabetic! Now keeping up with current information on the former, she has lately been following the Covid epidemic closely, by checking data on the NHS site and ONS statistical sites and believes that, since the spike in early 2020, it has become a vehicle for political and elitist agenda. Her large piece reflects her frustration with the current situation and how, if people were given the correct dietary advice, they would be less vulnerable to inflammatory diseases, as following a low carb ketogenic lifestyle can strengthen immunity and improve metabolism in the majority of people.

Jacky has faced many challenges in her life, including anxiety, depression and alcoholism but retains a sense of humour, which she injects into most of her work.  Joining the Poem Brut course took her out of her comfort zone, enabling her to express herself more spontaneously.

“At 61, you can teach an old dog new tricks!”

Jacky's testimonial

Ode to Second Step/Poem Brut

The Second Step Poem Brut course,

at first seemed like a very dark horse.

Writing and creating to conform,

had become the usual norm,

loving poetry that that rhymes,

fitted into space and time,

got thrown aside with gay abandon,

with ideas and thoughts produced at random.

On days when I felt really low,

The course lightened me and helped me grow.