My name is D.  I had a breakdown a few years ago and I have battled with myself with being the person society thinks I should be, versus who I really am and all of the complex feelings of shame and guilt that brings.

I have been doing courses at the wellbeing college for a little while all of which I've learnt things about myself and how to deal with difficult situations from. However I think that the one that has truly unlocked my confidence and belief in myself as well as been a lovely way to learn, be inspired by and play creatively is in Poem Brut.  I can't thank Paul, the Wellbeing College and the other students enough for sharing this with me.  It's so freeing and releasing to express yourself this way and experiment with new techniques, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

You don't need posh equipment to take part, to begin with I was using a biro, a marker and some highlighters, however I enjoyed the session most when I dusted off my paints and powders and took inspiration from the work of Frank Boleyn and Yvette Kissi, I think sometimes the biggest step is just starting by putting pen or paint to paper.

Can't recommend enough to give yourself time to play.

D's work is below. Just click on a image to enlarge.