Using our Logo

It's important for us all to understand how best to use each other's logos correctly. As we have recently launched our new brand, we would appreciate it if you could update the Second Step logo you hold on your website and marketing material.

If you have any queries about using the logo, do get in touch with our communications team (contact details below), we would be happy to hear from you.

We ask that the following rules apply when using the Second Step logo: 

1. Use the full colour, stacked version logo - download logo

2. It is acceptable to use the mono logo versions when printing black and white or if all third-party organisation logos are in mono

3. If you require a reversed out logo option, please seek guidance from the Communications Team on 07841777401 or email

4. Ensure the Second Step logo is in proportion to other logos

5. Ensure the safe zone is applied to spacing - when this isn’t possible please seek approval.

Please remember: If you are unsure about the usage of our logo and guidelines please ask the Communications Team  on 07841777401 or email