How we use social media

You can find us on social media too. At the moment we're active on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

We use social media to share news, events, and relevant information. We love to hear from you and run campaigns like #WhatMakesMeWell where we share stories of hope and courage.

Our Twitter following includes clients, partners such as NHS commissioners, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), local councils, staff, and people with an interest in what we do. We share news, events, blog posts and more on Twitter.

Instagram is a great place to share visual updates and we run #WhatMakesMeWell from here. Our latest Instagram campaign focuses on sharing staff stories #SecondStepStory.

LinkedIn is where we engage with industry professionals, staff, and partners. Here, we share news, policy updates and also the latest Second Step vacancies. roles.

YouTube is where we share our videos and audio stories. We share broadcasts from our Media Group, podcasts and media clips here. We also have a separate channel for videos from our Wellbeing Colleges.

Facebook has a page for the Bristol Wellbeing College and North Somerset Wellbeing Service to share updates.

Contacting Us

If you'd like to talk to us, you may prefer to do so via our social media platforms, we'd love to hear from you.

We aim to respond to your posts within 48 hours, but please bear with us if we take a bit longer, we have a small communications team.

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