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Live Sessions

Welcome to our range of live sessions available for enrolled Bristol Wellbeing College learners.  To get the most out of the live sessions we recommend that you take a look at the related pre-recorded YouTube session on the online resources page beforehand.  These are normally available a week before the live sessions are delivered.

Our live, interactive workshops are delivered via the free video conferencing application, Zoom.  Topics, dates and times can be found below.

Live sessions will generally be discussion-based, providing the opportunity to connect, and share ideas and accomplishments related to the video topics.

To enrol on a live session and become an enrolled learner, you must be receiving support from Bristol Mental Health services, or be a carer of someone who receives support.  Contact us to find out if you are eligible.

For more information call us on  0117 914 5498 or email bristol.wellbeing.college@second-step.co.uk

Zoom Video Conferencing Software

To enable us to run our virtual wellbeing sessions we use a video conferencing software called Zoom, which you can download to your device here: https://zoom.us/download.  If you need technical advice or assistance to access Zoom before sessions, please let us know.

Achieve, Connect & Enjoy (ACE)

Achieve, Connect, Enjoy (better known as ACE) is a recovery-focused tool which can help us create a sense of balance in our lives. Through using this tool we can acknowledge what we do well and identify areas for improvement.

Fri 19 JunZoom Live Session2pm - 3pm
Mon 29 JunZoom Live Session2pm - 3pm


Boost Your Mood Sessions

Our Boost your Mood sessions focus on the practical things we can do to support our physical and emotional wellbeing at this time. We explore food, sleep and activities to keep our minds occupied, as well as some simple grounding techniques to help reduce anxious feelings.

DateSession FocusTime
Thu 4 JunAppreciation2pm - 3pm
Thu 11 JunVisualisation2pm -4pm
Thu 18 JunGoing Forward2pm - 4pm
Mon 22 JunActivities2pm - 4pm
Tues 30 JunSleep2pm - 4pm


Maintaining Wellbeing Sessions

Our Maintaining Wellbeing sessions are centred around the Five Ways to Wellbeing. We explore each of the five ways and how we can adapt these areas to our everyday life during self-isolation. We identify ways to connect while socially distancing, how to keep physically and mentally active during lock down, and ways in which we can help and give to others. We also consider how we can make the most of this time to slow down and become more present with here and now.

DateSession FocusTime
Wed 3 JunConnection2pm - 3pm
Fri 12 JunGive11am - 12pm
Wed 17 JunBe Active2pm - 3pm

Making Picture Poems

Our Making Picture Poem sessions aim to encourage you to escape sense and order. We will explore making poetry with our hands to celebrate scribbles, crossings out, forgotten notes and strange scrawls. We discover self-expression through collage, shape and colour as well as words.

Wed 10 JunZoom Live Session2pm - 3pm
Mon 15 JunZoom Live Session2pm - 3pm
Tue 23 JunZoom Live Session11am - 12pm

Stress Management

Out Stress Management sessions follow the 'Stress Bucket' analogy. We explore some general causes of stress, recognise personal helpful and unhelpful coping strategies and explore how to develop the helpful ones.

Mon 8 JunZoom Live Session2pm - 3pm
Thu 25 JunZoom Live Session2pm - 3pm

Ways to Wellbeing

Our Ways to Wellbeing sessions provide an overview of the Five Ways to Wellbeing (developed by the New Economics Foundation) to cultivate and maintain our wellbeing.

Tue 16 JunZoom Live Session11am - 12pm
Wed 24 JunZoom Live Session2pm - 3pm

Writing for Wellbeing

In our Writing for Wellbeing sessions, we get in touch with our creative side to explore our world through written word. During a time when we may feel stuck or isolated, writing provides a platform to connect with others and discover a form of freedom through expression. Within this series, we explore and connect with three elements of our being: the senses, the memory and the emotions. We round off the series with a session dedicated to stories on the theme, ‘Together in Isolation’.

DateSession FocusTime
Mon 1 JunStories: Together in Isolation2pm - 3pm

Shane's story

"I can laugh at myself and with people"

Since getting involved with the Wellbeing College, Shane’s outlook on life has changed dramatically. Watch this short video to find out more.

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