Golden Key

Golden Key is an eight-year £10 million Big Lottery funded partnership programme.

A dynamic group of agencies and organisations together with individuals who have experienced homelessness, prison, long-term mental health issues, and drug and alcohol dependency are being led by Bristol based charity Second Step.

Together we aim to unlock doors for people with multiple and complex needs who can’t break their cycles of drugs, homelessness, prison and mental health.

Peer Employability Programme

For people with experience of mental health problems

We understand that it can be daunting to return to work after having time off because of mental health problems. That's why we're working with the Rank Foundation - a grant-giving charitable trust - to look at the barriers faced by unemployed people with mental health problems to get back to work.

The result of this partnership is a new project called the Peer Employability Programme which will support people who have experience of mental health problems to get ready to enter the job market once more. 

UP Project

A new pilot homeless research project called UP (the United Peer project) has started at Second Step. It is a volunteer project looking specifically at how effective peer mentoring support is for someone facing homelessness.

UP’s mentors are unique; they have experienced homelessness themselves or experienced the problems facing those who are homeless. We have recruited mentors and mentees and matched them up to work together on specific and achievable goals.

Research projects

Always pioneering, Second Step prides itself in finding innovative new ways to engage with some of the most vulnerable people in the west of England. Nowhere is this more evident than in our innovation projects, particularly the Big Lottery funded Golden Key programme in Bristol. Our research and evaluation work gives you insight into our unique, flexible, dynamic, multi-agency approach.

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