UP Project

Up Project

A new pilot homelessness research project called UP (the United Peer project) has started at Second Step.

UP’s mentors are unique; they have experienced homelessness or issues facing those who have experienced homelessness themselves. We are evaluating how effective peer mentoring is and where impact can be found to be most powerful.

UP will look specifically at the value peer mentoring support can bring in a five year pilot which is being evaluated by researchers from Southampton University.

The project - which is led by Second Step’s Volunteering Services Manager Steph Champion - has already recruited 10 peer volunteers. They will now be matched with current Second Step clients who are at risk of homelessness and work with them as mentors.

Psychologically informed approach

UP peer mentors will be trained to use reflective ways of working to  support their clients. The overall aim of the project is to reduce and prevent homelessness and to enable people with a history of homelessness to lead more independent fulfilling lives. Second Step is working with partners Homeless Link, 1625ip and Golden Key. 

For more information or if you would like to get involved. please contact up@second-step.co.uk

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