#Putting Me First

Picture of Claire from our Putting Me First Film

We’ve been putting mental health first for individuals and communities for the last three decades. To mark our 30th birthday we’ve made a film which captures people’s stories of hope, courage and change. Called #PuttingMeFirst, the film shows the power of supporting people to find out who they really are.

We plan to premiere #PuttingMeFirst at the Watershed in November. Until then can watch a short clip on our YouTube channel here and read about how people we’ve worked with have turned their lives around here.

Too often people are seen as their mental health problem or their diagnosis. On World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2017 we are launching a social media campaign using the same name: #PuttingMeFirst in the hope that more organisations, businesses, communities and individuals will come to realise the power of putting the person first, not their mental health problem.

As Claire , one of the stars of our film, says: “My bipolar isn’t holding me back anymore. It’s simply part of who I am.”