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Floating Support Services

Our Floating Support Services, formerly know as Community Support Services consist of the following:

  • Community Supported Accommodation (CSA)
  • My Support Bristol
  • My Support BANES (Bath and North East Somerset)
  • BANES Floating Support

Our Floating Support Services are innovative and offer personalised support tailored to individuals’ needs, covering Bristol, North East Somerset and Bath.

The support team is available 5 days a week (9am-5pm) and can be as flexible as clients need – from an hour of telephone support once a week, to a far more intensive support package depending on what suits them.

Community Supported Acommodation, My Support Bristol, My Support BANES

We offer wide ranging support and advice including:

  • social and living skills for example attending health appointments
  • managing your home and making it safe
  • developing life skills including
    • how to manage money and budgeting
    • help with employment, education and training
    • support with cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • looking after your health and wellbeing including food and nutrition
  • building a social network including attending appointment and activities such as evening classes
  • accessing specialist services e.g. drug and alcohol, mental health, learning disabilities

All our Recovery Workers  are skilled and experienced in supporting people with a wide range of needs. We work with individuals to create a plan for support which we review regularly.

How to apply

You can talk to your social worker about a referral to us or you can apply through your local council. You may also be able to self-refer if you have your own funding. We would be delighted to discuss how CSA could work for you in whichever way suits you best. We can also talk through payments and costs with no obligation.

CSA currently isn't taking on any new referrals but if you would like to know more about the service, contact Chris Dare, Senior Support Worker on 0117 909 6630 or email css@second-step.co.uk 

BANES Floating Support

Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Floating Support is a short term service for people with mental health problems who are either finding it difficult to manage their tenancy and could be at risk of losing their home or are moving into a new tenancy and need support to do this.

What support will I receive?

Together we will agree how often you will need support and will develop a recovery plan with you based on your needs, interests and aspirations. We offer both practical and emotional support, including help to:

  • sort out your financial situations
  • filling in forms
  • talking to utility companies
  • help dealing with other agencies
  • meeting new people in the community

Generally you will receive up to two hours of support per week, although this will vary at times depending on your circumstances.

We will review the level of support you receive regularly. Our aim is to help you to get to the stage where you are able to manage your accommodation with the right levels of support, develop a suitable support network and become more independent.

Who can use this service?

If you want to be considered for the Floating Support Service, you need to:

  • either rent your own home or be a home owner
  • have current mental health needs
  • requiring some level of support to live independently
  • be single and aged over 18
  • would like support to manage your tenancy

You may also apply for the service while in bed and breakfast accommodation or while in a hostel or in hospital. However, you will only be able to use the service once you have your own flat or rented accommodation.

You may be part of a family or have a partner, but we will only give support to people on an individual basis - not to the whole family or couples.

Will I need to pay anything?

The support we provide is completely free. Most of our funding to run this service comes from the Government's 'Supporting People' programme.

What happens next?

You will need to make a referral to the Bath and North East Somerset Housing and Support Gateway

You can refer yourself or be referred by anyone helping with your support (GP, etc.). We will get background information to help us decide if we are the right service for you.

To find out more you can call us on any of the numbers on either 01225 750926 / 01225 750927 or email us at banesinfo@second-step.co.uk

If you would like to report or discuss mistreatment of yourself or another vulnerable adult you can use our safeguarding policy.  Find out how here.

Join our Relief Service

Our Floating Support Services also consist of an internal Bank Service which provides floating provision to other Second Step services who commission it.  This is an exciting role, working within a diverse number of services ranging from primary and secondary care to supported accommodation and community support.

To find our more of apply for one of our Bank roles please click here



If you would like to report or discuss mistreatment of yourself or another vulnerable adult you can use our safeguarding policy.  Find out how here.