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Recovery Project

The Wellbeing and Recovery Support Project supports people in South Gloucestershire who are struggling  with long-term mental health problems. It builds on successful work we've been doing with our partner, Southern Brooks.

The project aims to help people address their mental health issues, while also reducing demand on GPs. This is done by referring patients to a mental health expert as soon as they call the GP surgery.

Why are we doing this now?

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased demand for mental health support. Many people are feeling isolated, have lost their jobs are are worried about their future. There is an increase in evictions, families are also dealing with complex bereavement.

Recovery Navigators provide primary care colleagues (GPs, IAPT, social prescribers) an extra and expert pair of hands and so help to reduce pressure across the system. We hope support from a recovery navigator will reduce the likelihood of people’s needs escalating. The project also includes a social prescribing resource to help people find some practical solutions to their problems.

Who will the project support?

We employ the recovery navigators directly, and the social prescribers are employed by Southern Brooks. While the recovery navigators support people with more complex needs, the social prescribers work with people with low to moderate mental health problems.

The project is based at The Stokes Primary Care Network.  The GP practices that are involved are Bradley Stoke, Concord, Coniston, Conygre and Stoke Gifford

A similar project is also running in Inner City and East Bristol.