Our campaigns

At Second Step we are determined to find the time and space for the people who use our services to share their ideas and thoughts about what keeps them well and how they cope with life's difficulties. From time to time we turn this work into social media campaigns to share our thinking more widely. 


As we all know, it's often the little things in life that can make the biggest difference. This campaign is our only fundraising campaign, and raises funds for Sylvia's Fund, the brainchild of one of our support workers, Isabella Cross. The Fund brings together small donations from individuals and organisations to give the people who use our services a little bit of extra help. Launching in October 2018, the fund encourages clients or their support workers to apply for grants of up to £50 for anything which could help their recovery, from paintbrushes to a meal out, a haircut or help to pay for an education course. We will be featuring stories from the campaign here on a regular basis, so keep an eye out.  The only requirement is that the applicant currently uses Second Step services. Get in touch with the Communications Manager on 07841 777401 to find out more.



Our most recent campaign is the result of a four-month experimental film project with staff, volunteers, peer workers and clients from the Community Rehabilitation Service.  Called Taking Mental Health Outside, the photo-essay is both poignant and deeply personal. We hope you find time to watch it.  Taking Mental Health Outside.



Earlier in the year to coincide with Bristol's Homeless Awareness Week, we ran a campaign highlighting the importance of having a home to everyone's mental health. The campaign was spearheaded by our supported housing client, Paul, who shared his story about losing his home during a stay in a mental health hospital unit. 

You can find out more here.


In November 2017 we launched our Putting Me First film and campaign showcasing a number of stories from Second Step volunteers, clients and staff about the importance of being seen as more than a diagnosis. The film premiere attracted attention from other mental health charities, mental health campaigner, the Mayor of Bristol and the local media.

Watch our video and find out more here.


Finally we'd like you to take a moment to join our What Makes Me Well campaign. This ongoing campaign asks individuals to share the one thing that helps keep them well by posting some thoughts, film or image on Instagram. We've had gardens, walking, swimming, friendship, pets and much more. Do add your voice to our lovely campaign which was launched on BBC Radio Bristol earlier this year.

Find our more about our Instagram campaign here.