Looking to the STARS…

Stuart is chair of the new involvement group at Second Step which works with staff to improve the organisation’s services, STAR Improvement. STAR stands for shaping, teaching and responding and Stuart was instrumental in developing this new approach to involvement and coproduction at Second Step. Here Stuart explains why it means so much to him.

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No Agenda

This week’s guest contribution is from our student liaison co-coordinator, Ben Lilford. Under this long-winded title, Ben runs the College’s…

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Volunteering as a gateway

Volunteering is often talked about as a gateway to paid work. This volunteers week we have Claire our Digital Communications Officer talking about how volunteering helped her into her job.

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Who cares?

Making sushi together

To mark Carers’ Week (10-16 June) our Involvement Officer Bev Woolmer blogs about being a carer for her son.

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On Identity: Self-Portrait as a Camera

When asked to write a self-portrait using an object as metaphor for the self, Wellbeing College attendee Mollie chose the camera as her object identity in her poem ‘We See Me A Little Different’.

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My Mother Makes Me

by Ali McAllister “Mummy…” “Yes, darling?” “When I grow up, I want to be just like you. I’m going to…

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Letters, Numbers and Notes

Clea Knight writes for us about the power of music but also the power of games, one game in particular, a very famous words and numbers game which has helped her find her grounding through a very difficult period.

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