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Pink Sessions

For people who have reached a stage in their recovery where they feel comfortable with self-reflection and are working towards long term planning. Learners will have a willingness and a commitment to taking action towards long term progression, as well as supporting each other in the sessions and sharing their experiences where appropriate.  Hot and cold drink refreshments will be available for these sessions.

Discovering Good Mental health

Much of the conversation about mental health focuses on mental ill health, but there's more to mental wellbeing than simply being without mental illness. Within this course we will be seeking to discover what it means to be in good mental health, and what we can do to foster our own mental wellbeing. We will reflect on the areas in our lives which help and hinder our wellness and identify ways in which we can flourish, feel good and work towards a balanced life.

Course suspended until further notice

Keeping Well

Based on the concepts of WRAP (wellness recovery action plan), we have developed our own keeping well workbook to accompany this three session course. The aim is to help you reflect on your own recovery, identify what works and how to stay well and improve the quality of your life.

Course suspended until further notice

Shane's story

"I can laugh at myself and with people"

Since getting involved with the Wellbeing College, Shane’s outlook on life has changed dramatically. Watch this short video to find out more.

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