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Blue Sessions

For people who have begun to take steps towards making positive changes and are beginning to feel some benefit but may still feel a bit unsure. These are more structured sessions which aim to provide helpful tools and strategies for better mental wellbeing.  Cold drink refreshments will be available for these sessions.  If you would like a hot drink please feel free to bring your own along with you.

If you are interested in attending any of the workshops below please enrol here. For more information call us on 0117 914 5498 or email bristol.wellbeing.college@second-step.co.uk

You can also download our prospectus here (opens as a PDF).

Assertive Communication

This workshop helps us think about why we may become unassertive, discover new strategies for becoming more assertive and is designed to help us make the changes we want.

Sessions suspended until further notice


Building Resilience (Bouncing Back)

When life gets challenging what do we do to cope and carry on? Within this session we discover how we might approach a difficult situation, what behaviours/actions might hold us back and what approaches move us forward.

Sessions suspended until further notice

Combatting Isolation

Loneliness is an epidemic of our times. This workshop explores how we can reconnect with ourselves, our lives and others. By taking inspiration and ideas from a range of individuals, cultures and professions – from the Dalai Lama to the latest research in Western psychology – this session involves discussion-based and interactive activities to help us combat our sense of isolation and feel more at home with ourselves.

Sessions suspended until further notice

Confidence Building

Would you like to change the ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’? This session aims to explore our beliefs about confidence by helping us to recognise our comfort and learning zones. We identify strategies and develop a plan to move towards greater self-confidence.

Sessions suspended until further notice

Mind Your Body, Feed Your Mind (Part 1)

This workshop investigates the relationship between our diet and mental wellbeing. We discover what a balanced diet might look like, identifying snacking habits and healthier swaps. We explore the Actions, Behaviour and Consequences model in relation to eating. Please note, this session is based on government guidelines. It is not run by nutritionists or dietitians.

Sessions suspended until further notice

Mind Your Body, Feed Your Mind (Part 2)

This workshop investigates the links between our physical health and mental wellbeing. We look at the meaning of ‘sedentary lifestyle’ and the impact it has on our mind, reflecting on our own current lifestyle. We then discover four key ‘happy hormones’ and explore the ways we can increase these for ourselves.

Sessions suspended until further notice

Sleep & Self Care

Can't sleep? Not sleeping soundly? This reassuring workshop offers solid advice on the different sleep disorders and what you can do to get a good night's rest. We will teach ways of managing different sleep problems and what the most common treatments are to improve sleep habits and enhance our quality of sleep. There will also be some useful information for preventing and managing stress and anxiety during those sleepless nights.

Sessions suspended until further notice


Step Into Mindfulness (Level 1)

Uncover the basic concepts of mindfulness, discover the benefits of regular mindfulness practice as well as discover ways to bring mindfulness into everyday tasks.

Sessions suspended until further notice

Step Into Mindfulness (Level 2)

If you feel you have a good understanding of the concepts of mindfulness, this session will review its guiding principles and give you the opportunity to enhance your practice of mindfulness using your senses.

Sessions suspended until further notice

Understanding Yourself

Within this session we will take some time to get to know ourselves a little better, identifying our strengths and qualities, recognising what is important to us and how we can better nurture ourselves.

Sessions suspended until further notice

Ways to Wellbeing

Improve wellbeing and mental health with five simple, practical tools that can easily be incorporated into daily life and which provide benefits to all.

Sessions suspended until further notice

Writing for Wellbeing

Connect with your inner author and express yourself on the page. In this workshop we explore writing activities to boost our creative flow and increase our confidence with the pen. The aim of this workshop is to help overcome any fears we may have about writing, take our imagination for a walk and connect with each other through power of words.

Sessions suspended until further notice

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